zum kopieren, auswendig lernen und mitsingen

My irish Molly O

Molly dear now did you hear the news that's going 'round
down in the corner of my heart, a love is what you've found
and every time I look into your irish eyes so blue
they seem to whisper 'darling boy' my love is all for you

Oh Molly, my irish Molly, my sweet acushla dear
I'm fairly off my trolley, my irish Molly, when you are near
spring time, you know it's ring time, come dear and don't be slow
change your name, go out with game, begorra wouldn't I do the same
my Irish Molly O

Molly dear now did you hear I furnished up the flat
three little cosy rooms with bath and `welcome' on the mat
it's five pounds down and two a week we'll soon be out of debt
it's all complete except they haven't got the cradle yet

Oh Molly...

Molly dear now did you hear what all the neighbours say
about a hundred sovereigns you have safely stowed away
they say that's why I love you, ah Molly that's a shame
if you had only ninety-nine, I'd love you just the same

Oh Molly...